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We devote maximum attention to the selection and development of our personnel.

Prior to field assignment, all work history and references are checked. Qualified employees are versed in our methods of service, the proper use and care of equipment and materials, and the rules and regulations concerning their personal conduct in the field.

It has been our experience that through proper training, supervision, and the proper allocation of work assignments, we have been able to stabilize our work force and hold employee turnover to a minimum.

We maintain a fully staffed corporate personnel department for the recruiting and screening of new employees.

The emphasis at our company is on individual growth and development. Our employees are exposed to the finest training facilities and techniques available today. A substantial portion of our complex is dedicated to training that provides hands-on experience, as well as classroom presentations utilizing the latest in instructor-directed, videotape-based learning units. Ours is a continuing education program for all employees. It is designed to stay on the leading edge of new equipment development, new and different building materials, and the latest in function-related time studies.

We also have a training staff whose assignment is to train new supervisory employees and retrain existing supervisors to ensure that they are keeping up with their skills and responsibilities.

Each Area Manager is responsible for their specific facilities, and will conduct inspection tours to ensure that all specifications are being adhered to in a satisfactory manner, as well as being available at all times during staffing hours to consult with the on-site personnel.

In addition, our management personnel will conduct periodic inspection tours with each facility representative.


We maintain a 24-hour availability. This ensures that messages are relayed to proper supervisory personnel. We are able to respond at a moments notice to emergency calls from our customers, no matter what time of the day or night.

We furnish all cleaning materials and necessary equipment to maintain each facility. We maintain a central supply warehouse with all needed materials kept in stock at all times. Our cleaning personnel will requisition their materials and they will be delivered to the job site. We also maintain a complete equipment repair shop. All equipment used in each facility will be maintained in good working order.

Total Building Maintenance is prepared to furnish all consumable supplies upon request.

Our Special Services Division has been established to meet the individual needs of all our clients. Staffed with veteran personnel, this group responds to all special maintenance requests such as routine window washing, carpet and upholstery cleaning, application of special floor sealers, and construction cleanup.

Our Special Services Division is also trained to respond to emergencies such as smoke, fire, and water damage, as well as vandalism.

Personnel in this division are not regularly assigned to on-going daily maintenance programs; rather they are available on an as-needed basis for special assignment.

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